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Precious Metal Manufacture, Techniques, and Styles

Precious Metal Indices, Trade Groups, and Associations

Trade groups, indices, and associations play a very important role in the regulation of precious metals.

A Brief Guide To Precious Metal Associations

precious metal gold bars
Gold is a consistently higher priced metal.

There are many trade groups and associations that provide information about precious metals. A few of the best known are listed below.

precious metal platinum ingot
A solid platinum ingot stamped with its weight in Troy ounces.

The World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) is an international confederation of national jewelry trade organizations. CIBJO’s purpose is to encourage harmonization and cooperation in the jewelry industry and to consider issues that concern the trade worldwide.

precious metal gold krugerrand
A tube of gold South African Krugerrands.

International Precious Metal Institute (IPMI) is an international association of producers, refiners, fabricators, scientists, users, financial institutions, and merchants. IPMI promotes the efficient and environmentally sound use, reuse, and recycling of precious metals. IPMI aims to furnish timely technical, economic, environmental and educational information for the benefit of its members.  

The World Gold Council is a non-profit association of leading gold producers established to promote the use of gold. Working in close partnership with local gold trade and industry, the Council aims to improve gold products and distribution systems. They also conduct regional and global market research and publish information on gold-related issues.

Australian platypus platinum coin
The Australian Platypus platinum coin.

The Platinum Guild International (PGI) is funded by platinum producers and refiners. It was established in 1975 to supply information, educational resources, and expertise to help jewelry buyers make informed decisions.

silver ingot and granules
A solid silver ingot and smaller granules.

The International Platinum Association (IPA) is a non-profit association of mining and fabrication companies dealing in PGMs. The IPA develops educational programs and coordinates with sister associations and institutions to benefit the development of the PGM market.

The Silver Institute is a non-profit international association devoted to increasing public understanding of the many uses and values of silver. Its membership includes silver mining houses, refiners, bullion suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Now that we have covered the intricacies of the manufacture and styling of precious metals for jewelry, we will next learn about where the whole process must start with An Overview of Precious Metal Mining and Refining Techniques.

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