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We have thousands of exquisite, natural, untreated sapphires to choose from, matched perfectly with our beautiful, custom designed, hand crafted settings.

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Sapphire Jewelry Ring and Custom Aluminum Case
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Sapphires and Settings

A free 3D rendering with every custom creation.

What Makes Our Sapphires Special?

Our sapphires are sourced directly from mines across the world and treated naturally to bring out their intrinsic beauty.

Sapphire Stones

How to Choose Your Sapphire

Choosing the right sapphire starts with educating yourself. Get started with the resources below.

Behind The Scenes
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We'll bring it to life with our free, no-obligation "Design Your Own" service.

Beautiful Packaging Included With Every Order
Beautiful Packaging

View the luxorious packaging included with every order.

Sapphire River Mining in Sri Lanka
River Mining

Beautiful sapphires mined from Sri Lankan rivers.

Sapphire Shaft Mining in Sri Lanka
Shaft Mining

See how sapphires are mined from the depths of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Marketplace
The City of Gems

The worlds oldest sapphire market.

Over 80 Years of History

Time-Honored Traditions of Craftmanship, Quality and Service. Sourced throughout the World. Designed in New York City, NY.

Founding Fathers of Natural Sapphire Company

Over 80 Years of History

Since 1939 we have specialized in the finest natural untreated sapphires. Our roots go back three generations and we continue to that to this day.

Founding Fathers of Natural Sapphire Company

Behind The Scenes

Watch behind the scenes how we create your jewelry. Afterward learn more about our staff and what makes us better.

Founding Fathers of Natural Sapphire Company

The NSC Foundation

We work hard to make sure our sapphires touch people in a peaceful and supportive way by supporting the community and environment they come from.