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Sapphire Mining

In this section you will find information on the following

⇒Regions Where Sapphires Are Mined

-Understand where and how sapphires are mined around the world.

⇒Sapphire Mines In South East Asia

-Explore areas where sapphires are mined in South East Asia, one of the most productive mining regions in the world.

⇒Sapphire Mines In Africa

-See where sapphires are mined in this continent where some of the most interesting sapphire colors hail.

⇒Sapphire Mines In Central Asia

-Some of the most illustrious sapphires have emerged from this part of the world, learn more.

⇒Sapphire Mines In Australia

-Learn where sapphires are mined in the land down under.

⇒Sapphire Mines In Montana

-One of the only areas where sapphires can be mined in North America, learn about sapphires from the USA.

⇒Mining Videos And Photos

-Watch some videos of mines around the world and understand just what it takes to extract these stones.

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