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Sapphire Mining

Sapphires have been mined for centuries with new deposits occasionally taking the world by storm, and always reminding us of how special these gemstones truly are.

In this section, we cover all the leading regions of the world where sapphires are mined, how countries support mining efforts, and what types of sapphires are prominent where:

natural untreated sapphire mining
Searching for sapphire crystals in the cleaned mineral deposits.

Regions Where Sapphires Are Mined

Understand where and how sapphires are mined around the world, from ancient times and continuing into modern day mining efforts. Learn about the role geology plays in finding these beautiful gemstones.

man sapphire mine Sri Lanka
A miner working in a sapphire mine in Sri Lanka.

Sapphire Mines In South East Asia

One of the most productive mining regions in the world for sapphires, follow along as we discover what makes Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos a group of powerhouses for gem-quality sapphires.

natural sapphire crystal rough
A selection of natural sapphire crystal rough.

Sapphire Mines In Africa

Some of the most interesting sapphire colors hail from sapphire mining in Africa. We explore the countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Madagascar to reveal the sapphire boom happening on the continent.

cornflower blue Kashmir sapphires
Rough sapphire crystals from Kashmir.

Sapphire Mines In Central Asia

Some of the most illustrious sapphires have emerged from this region of the world. Discover why the historic Kashmir, and modern-day mining in Afghanistan and Pakistan are raising interest in the sapphire promise of Central Asia again.

australian sapphire mine
A wide view of an Australian sapphire mine.

Sapphire Mines In Australia

The Land Down Under emerged on the sapphire-mining scene with incredibly beautiful sapphires in the mid-19th century. Today, the country produces some of the most stunning sapphires on the market.

Montana rough gems sapphires
Sifting through Montana rough gems and sapphires.

Sapphire Mines In Montana

One of the only areas where sapphires can be mined in North America, learn about the stunningly special sapphires from the United States appearing most often in their bluish-green and greenish-blue hues.

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