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Jewelry Setting Essentials

Introduction to Settings

For all jewelry types, settings are the key component that can make something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Primer On Jewelry Settings Essentials

Settings form a foundation for jewelry pieces that helps a jeweler achieve the desired style and design. Before deciding upon a setting, many aspects of the piece of jewelry are considered in order to best highlight the stones while retaining the integrity of the piece.

Throughout the development of jewelry and material processes, settings have served an important purpose often beyond establishing the foundation. For most people, their wedding or engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry they will ever own and setting play an integral part in their expression of love, as you will learn in the following sections:

Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, and Love Rings | An Introduction

Rings for Men and Women | An Introduction to History and Style

Earrings | An Introduction to History and Style

Necklaces and Pendants | An Introduction to History and Style

Bracelets | An Introduction to History and Style

Brooches | An Introduction to History and Style

Men’s Jewelry | An Introduction to History and Style

Jewelry Styles and Periods | A Guide to Features and Settings

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