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More Precious Metals Details

As precious metals are the foundation of all jewelry, we felt no education section would be complete without a little more detail on some of the interesting stories and most pertinent knowledge that we have laid out on the previous pages.  These pages provide some more context and explanation for relevant concepts related to precious metals, as well as a greater depth to some of the components of the history of precious metals and the roles they’ve played throughout time.


precious metal silver brooch
A jeweler working on the design of a silver brooch. (photo credit flickr:

Below are the individual links to each page in this section, but you can also navigate through the sidebar.

Alchemy | Early Science of Precious Metals

Bimetallism and the Silver Standard | Precious Metals at Odds

California Gold Rush | Precious Metals in History

Caring for Silver | Make Your Silver Jewelry Last

Catalytic Converter | The Science of Precious Metals

Combining Jewelry Manufacturing Methods | Precious Metals in Jewelry

El Dorado Legend | Gold in History and Culture

English Guild and Hallmarking Systems | Setting the World Standard

Gold Allergy | How to Spot and Treat a Gold Allergy

Gold Coins | Gold Collectibles and Special Editions

Gold in Industry | The Applications of Gold

Gold Leaf and Gold Plate | Advances in the Use of Gold

Gold Standard | A Standard Measurement of Money

Golden Fleece | Gold in History and Culture

“Hand Made” Jewelry | Guidelines and Examples

King Midas Legend | Gold in History and Culture

PGM and PGMs in Space | Advances in the Use of Platinum

Platinum Coins | Platinum Collectibles and Special Editions

Platinum in Industry | The Applications of Platinum

Potosí | The Famous Silver Mine of Bolivia

Precious Metal Footwear | A Cultural Impact

Precious Metals and New Age/Spiritual Traditions | A Brief History

Pyrite | The “Fool’s Gold” of Precious Metals

Silver Coins | Silver Collectibles and Special Editions

Silver in Industry | The Applications of Silver

Silver Plate | Advances in the Use of Silver

Silver Rushes | Precious Metals in History

Weights and Measures | Setting Standards for Precious Metals

Witwatersrand Gold Rush | The Famous South African Gold Mine


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