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Unique & Rare Sapphire Colors

Some sapphires are colors can only be classified as unique and rare – completely unable to be simulated or duplicated.

We have put together some of the most interesting and impressive unique and rare sapphire colors to provide a better understanding of the incredible appeal of all sapphire colors. Follow below to the individual pages to learn more about these extraordinary sapphire colors.

radiant cut color change sapphire
A slightly included radiant cut color change sapphire.

Color-Change Sapphires

Hard to believe until you see them in person, color-change sapphires are a wonder to behold. Learn all about these special, natural creations that can satisfy the love of two colors in one stone!


bi-color Nigerian sapphire
An emerald cut bi-color Nigerian sapphire.

Bi-Color Sapphires

These beauties contain two colors visible to the naked eye as a result of color zoning. Discover the range of colors possible for bi-color sapphires and the composition of the most rare and valuable ones.


round purple sapphirePurple & Violet Sapphires

Beautiful alternatives to pink, purple and violet sapphires exude a royal quality in their deep hue and tone. Learn just what makes these two colors distinct and the range of hues that embody a powerful and luxurious feel.


emerald cut peach sapphire
An emerald cut peach sapphire with golden hues.

Peach Sapphires

Peach sapphires are experiencing an incredible rise in popularity as a very economical alternative to padparadscha sapphires. Delicate and subtle, peach sapphires are seem to shine with a golden quality you can’t resist!


purplish-pink sapphire diamond ring
A stunning cushion cut purplish-pink sapphire and diamond ring.

Purplish-Pink Sapphires

Combining two lovely sapphire hues, the purplish-pink sapphire gemstone is truly stunning to behold. From deeper and darker hues up to lighter and softer hues, these stones can please anyone.


oval reddish-pink sapphire ring
An oval cut reddish-pink sapphire and diamond ring set in gold.

Reddish-Pink & Reddish-Orange Sapphires

Many consider these sapphires to be a sub-category of padparadscha sapphires and rubies because they exhibit such an intriguing blend of reds, pinks, and orange hues. Perfect for any type of jewelry you want to stand out!


radiant cut orange sapphire
A stunning radiant cut orange sapphire.

Orange Sapphires

One of the most difficult to find in their natural and untreated state, orange sapphires are often treated with extreme heat to produce a vibrant orange color. So when you find an untreated one, it’s absolutely one of a kind!


brilliant round green sapphire
A beautiful brilliant round cut green sapphire.

Green Sapphires

Green is a very rare color for sapphires ranging from a light pastel or leafy green to a deeper olive green with yellow tones. An excellent opportunity to find a rare and lovely sapphire before the rest of the world does.


oval bluish-green sapphire
An exceptional oval cut bluish-green sapphire.

Bluish-Green & Greenish-Blue Sapphires

These special sapphires have exploded on the scene, which means you have probably definitely heard of Montana sapphires. These unique colors come in a range of hues and are mined in the only sapphire region in the U.S.


brilliant round cut cognac sapphire
A stunning brilliant cut round dark cognac sapphire.

Cognac & Brown Sapphires

These unique sapphire colors take you back to an earthy appeal with their deep, luxurious hues. Learn how important cut is for these beauties and just how rare they are as a sapphire color.

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