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Promise Rings and Friendship Rings

Promise rings and friendship rings have become a very special way of honoring relationships and important decisions.

promise ring two hearts
A promise ring signifying intent to marry.

Giving A Promise Or Friendship Ring

Promise and friendship rings have been used as tokens of affection for centuries. Their popularity tends to wax and wane over time, often regaining their status in popularity due to trends and celebrity culture.  Promise rings can be used to signify friendship, indicate pre-engagement, or another commitment of great importance to the wearer.

promise ring one heart
A promise ring that may be worn as representative to a special commitment.

A promise ring indicates a serious commitment to another.  It may be given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship, sometimes as a prelude to marriage.  A girl may receive a promise ring from her boyfriend when they know they want to be married, but because of age or other circumstances it is not feasible.  In this situation, a promise ring may serve as a precursor to an engagement ring.  

sterling silver friendship ring
A friendship ring made of sterling silver.

A friend may give a promise ring to another to signify their loyalty or resolve to remain friends forever.  A promise ring may also be purchased for oneself as a reminder of a personal pledge. Promise rings have held special meaning for many different reasons over the course of their existence and use.

solitaire sapphire ring
A white sapphire solitaire promise ring.

While there is no specific standard for a promise ring, serious couples opt for a miniature version of an engagement ring—in many cases, a delicate ring with a small diamond is the optimum choice.

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