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Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary & Love Rings

The history of rings is multi-faceted and has created some of the most exceptional pieces of jewelry.

Rings Throughout History

There is a long history to the existence of rings offered to mates as signs of betrothal, love, and celebration. Cultures across the world embraced the significance of rings worn with this symbolism and early on began traditions of engraving them with dates, initials, blessings, and a number of other marked features.

Modern rings today can encapsulate vintage or antique styles, or incorporate completely new looks. The couple has seemingly endless ways in which to express their love, commitment, individuality, and interests. More often than not, it is the setting that sets the stage and makes all the difference in the look and feel of the ring as you will explore on the following pages:

Engagement Rings | A Guide to History and Style

Wedding Bands | A Guide to History and Style

Eternity and Anniversary Bands | A Guide to History and Style

Promise Rings and Friendship Rings | A Brief Overview

Jewelry Gifts for the Wedding Party | A Guide to Wedding Traditions

Wedding Customs and Superstitions | A Guide to Wedding Traditions

Where to Wear Love Rings | Traditions and Current Trends

Love Rings for Magic and Healing | A Selection from History

Famous Love Rings | A Selection from History

Love Rings in Literature | A Selection from History

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