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A Guide to Precious Metal Alloys, Fineness, and Karatage

Our precious metals of gold, platinum, and silver have faced many changes in their composition over the years as craftsmen have worked with the metals to perfect beautiful pieces of jewelry, cutlery, and decorative objects, to name a few crafted uses for precious metals.



As we explore further in this section, alloys, fineness, and karatage are important concepts that contribute to the ways in which precious metals are incorporated into all of their various uses.


Join us as we reveal the intricacies of how gold, platinum, and silver find their way into jewelry and the issues to be mindful of on the following pages:

Gold Alloys, Fineness, and Karatage | Facts and Figures

Platinum Alloys and Fineness | Facts and Figures

Silver Alloys and Fineness | Facts and Figures


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