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Sapphire Colors & Varieties

In a stunning array of colors and varieties, sapphires can be found in just about every color of the spectrum. In this section, we’ll be exploring the amazing world of sapphires and all the natural colors that represent them, with the following:

⇒Blue Sapphires

– Blue is the most popular and well known color in sapphires. It is a constant favorite for sapphire engagement rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces. Learn how this stone gets its enviable color and where these stones are found.

⇒Pink Sapphires

– Pink sapphires have been growing in popularity for years and are especially on trend to fill many sapphire engagement rings in 2020. Discover why so many are choosing lovely pink sapphires and how rare they are.

⇒Yellow Sapphires

– Still considered one of the most popular gemstone colors, yellow sapphire engagement rings have been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. Learn why yellow sapphires are a stunning and durable choice for any jewelry.

⇒Padparadscha Sapphires

– Padparadscha is one of the rarest sapphire hues and has been seen on the hands of some very famous women as incredible engagement rings. Discover the unique hue of padparadschas and how they differ from other sapphires.

⇒White Sapphires

– White sapphires have become something of a phenomenon over the last few years, and they are set to be even more widely coveted in 2020. Learn why these may be the most rare color of sapphire and how they compare to diamonds.

⇒Star Sapphires

-An extraordinary gemstone, find out how star sapphires get their distinct look through a feature called asterism. They have an elusive and earthy feel that provides a truly special look to all styles of jewelry.

⇒Cabochon Sapphires

– Using the oldest way of cutting crystals, cabochon crystals exhibit a raw beauty and a truly timeless appeal in any color. Learn how these stones have a classic and timeless feel in any piece of jewelry and what colors are common.

⇒Crystal Sapphires

– Exactly as they come out of the ground, sapphire crystals maintain all of their natural beauty, elements of earthy minerals, and as many believe, they carry special energies for healing and spiritual soothing.

⇒Unique Sapphire Colors

– Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow and beyond. Explore these unique options for a beautiful and ultra-rare sapphire gemstone, where they can commonly be found, and what sizes and cuts will be most common.

⇒Rubies Are Sapphires?

– Rubies and sapphires are related, both coming from the mineral species corundum. Discover how rubies differ and learn exactly what the standards are for these red beauties to find a special and high-quality stone.

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