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Precious Metal Standards, Regulations & Marks

As the value of precious metals is determined from a measurement of fineness , most countries today have established laws regulating the manufacture and sale of precious metal items as a protection for the market and the consumer.



Extensive testing procedures have been developed over time that aid individuals in determining the fineness of each precious metal item. It is important to know how the value of any piece is reached so that the best determinations can be made about the quality.


We will explore the various histories and methods for setting standards, regulations, and testing for gold, platinum, and silver on the following pages:

Overview of Early History, Processes, and Testing of Precious Metals

Gold Standards and Regulations | Gold Manufacture and Sale

Platinum Standards and Regulations | Platinum Manufacture and Sale

Silver Standards and Regulations | Silver Manufacture and Sale

Precious Metals Testing | The Key to Determining Precious Metal Quality


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