Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

I am often surprised when I hear someone say, “Wait, Sapphires come in other colors besides blue?” It’s actually not that surprising considering how little the market advertises the existence of such rarities as orange sapphires, purple sapphires, and green sapphires. It is an incredible sight to see when the cloak of unawareness is lifted from a persons’ eyes and they realize the incredible color options of sapphire.

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Bracelet_Round_Multi-ColorIf you’ve heard of fancy colored sapphires, you may have heard of yellow sapphires and pink sapphires, but have you heard of the orangey-pink Padparadscha sapphire? The one that looks like a piece of the sunset, cut from the sky. Have you seen the greenish blues, and the bluish greens, which like hearing the ocean in a shell, you can see the ocean if you stare long enough at the crashing waves of blue and green within the sapphire. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to color in sapphire. From vivid pinks to icy blues, Sage greens to rosy browns…the Saffron Sapphire. Do you have a favorite color? Let us know because there’s most likely a sapphire just like it.

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Bracelet_Round_Multi-ColorCan’t choose a favorite color? Well then, just get them all. As people begin to realize all of the color possibilities, rainbow sapphire jewelry has simultaneously grown in popularity. Choose from the vivid and heated sapphire tennis bracelets with perfectly matched rainbows of sapphires. If you’re looking for something a little more extraordinary; elect for the rare and eclectic untreated Ceylon sapphires or the pastel hues of unheated Montana sapphires.

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Bracelet_Various_Multi-ColorConsider a rainbow sapphire wedding band for your upcoming nuptials. Wearing every color on your hand will assure that your rainbow sapphire wedding ring goes with every outfit you own. Let us know what kind of rainbow sapphire jewel we can create for you, or choose from our ready to wear selection.