Penelope Cruz Wearing Her Stunning Blue Sapphire

Rumors have been swirling the last few days as to whether or not the stunning blue sapphire and diamond ring Penelope Cruz has been seen wearing on her ring finger is indeed an engagement ring.  Although it has not been officially confirmed by the couple, sources say it is true that Javier Bardem has asked the beautiful Penelope Cruz to take his hand in marriage.  If it is indeed true, then these two will be following the recent trend of creating unique engagement rings using colored gemstones instead of the usual diamonds.

Penelope Cruz's sapphire engagement ring

Penelope Cruz with Director Pedro Almodovar

Engagement 101 was recently in Vegas for the Jewelry Market week, and “made a note about all the sapphire engagement rings we saw and predicted a sapphire engagement ring trend to emerge within the next few months.”  Many people these days are looking to make a statement with their engagement ring and have something different than the normal diamond ring, and what better way to do so than with a stunning natural blue sapphire engagement ring.

If you are looking to go this route, then I would also advise you to purchase a natural untreated sapphire, as opposed to one that has been treated.  Typically 98% of the sapphires you find at mass market jewelry stores and retailers have undergone heat treatment in order to enhance color and clarity.  This in turn creates a gemstone that is lower priced, less desirable and truly not rare, as any sapphire can be heated to render it saleable.  But here at The Natural Sapphire Company, we specialize in Natural Untreated sapphires that have not undergone any treatment, but instead were created naturally by Mother Earth.  Our exquisite and one of a kind sapphires came out of the ground in their rough state the color they are now, and were fashioned into alluring faceted gemstones.

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring

So if you are planning on creating or purchasing a sapphire engagement ring, make sure to buy a natural untreated gemstone as they are much more rare and valuable, and that value will only increase as the years move forward.  Also, doesn’t that special someone in your life deserve a one of a kind unique ring with an untreated sapphire that can’t simply be created then purchased at your run of the mill retail jewelry store.  So when you are looking to create your sapphire engagement ring why not come to the leader in natural untreated sapphires and make your dream ring a reality.