Natural Sapphire Company Testimonial

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a new customer, Evelyn, to help her create a gorgeous blue sapphire ring.  After receiving this wonderful comment from her, I decided to share her story and the process of creating a custom ring with The Natural Sapphire Company.


I just wanted to let you know that my ring has been delivered. It is absolutely beautiful and everything I hoped it would be. Thank you for your help and patience. –Evelyn”


The first thing Evelyn did was select the ring setting from our website as well as an oval blue sapphire for the center stone.  Our media department took her selection and created a 3D rendering to give the customer a better understanding of how the ring would look when finished.

different views of blue sapphire rings in yellow gold

Because this ring had a very wide band, we made a wax model of the ring and shipped it to the customer for sizing.  Lucky we did this because the size needed to be modified slightly for a perfect fit.

Finally, the ring went into production and within two weeks, Evelyn had received her ring in the mail.  The following is a picture of this beautiful, intricate ring and stunning sapphire taken right before we shipped it off.

natural blue sapphire ring in yellow gold

Many customers email us or comment on the blog with questions about the pricing of our custom made jewelry.  We are happy to answer these questions and our sales associates are quick to respond.  Because every sapphire we sell is one-of-a-kind and priced individually, we draw up separate price quotes for each inquiry, factoring in ring size, metal type, and sapphire center stone.  We believe that every piece of jewelry we send out has a special meaning and purpose in our customer’s lives, so it only makes since to put as much care in creating the piece as the customer will put in wearing it.