A Sapphire Ring That Touches All Hearts..!!!

Hi.  My name is MiMi and I am in charge of the photography here at The Natural Sapphire Company.  Each custom natural sapphire ring and loose sapphire stone is hand photographed.  This process can take a while, because we need to be sure to replicate the exact color of each natural sapphire, so what you see on your web browser is the mirror image of the actual stone/jewelry piece.  In fact, we wholeheartedly guarantee this, something no other jewelry company does, and one of the things I am very proud of.

I took special interest in this one natural untreated sapphire ring because it reminds me of family and love. The main attraction of this ring is the heart shape blue sapphire in the center which is surrounded by two beautiful diamonds. This arrangement makes me imagine love between family members. The color blue is the color of peace and the heart shape can only stand for love. Together, I can imagine a peaceful love.

Heart Blue Sapphire Ring

Three Stone Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring Item

In my opinion, jewelry is supposed to make you feel some emotion when you see it.  If it doesn’t, then it is not the right jewelry for you. Every piece has it own special ability to change people.  Emotions such as joys, sorrow, love, hate, etc. So far this special blue sapphire makes me feel joyful and lifted my spirit in a glorious way.  Every sapphire jewelry piece I have taken pictures of so far makes me feel good and makes me enjoy working with them…..