Kate Middleton Style Watch : Sapphire Rings & Oxford Shirts

Since the Christmas photos of Prince George were released by US Weekly, the media and public have been clamoring to see more of the precious 16-month old royal baby. In these lovely portraits, we can see that little George is showing the same princely charms and decorum as his parents. As he sits on the steps of Kensington palace, he reveals a charming smirk, bright rosy cheeks and is dressed in crisp British attire. Wearing a white oxford shirt and a Cath Kidston vest, the little prince already exudes airs of royalty! With all this buzz surrounding baby George, it’s clear that he’s won the hearts of Britain and abroad— truly, a little celeb in the making!

prince george


The royal family and their ecstatic fans are delighted to see how well the Duchess of Cambridge is fulfilling her role. But, with her constant charity work, interviews and paparazzi, and of course, her full time job as a mom, Kate still manages to retain a glowing classic look. In this regard, her elegance truly captures the spirit of Princess Diana, making Kate a household icon for women everywhere.

Yet, as much as we all adore Kate’s legendary sophistication, how can we non-royals of the world embrace her look for ourselves? Well, you don’t need a boundless pocket book to do it; you simply need to understand her key outfits.

Here are some great ways to reference the fashions worn by the royal celeb.

A White Oxford Shirt

The white oxford shirt is always a recurring staple in Kate’s limitless wardrobe. She knows all too well that this piece is a timeless expression of style that should be part of every woman’s closet. It’s lightweight and clean-cut, allowing ladies to feel lovely and lavish all day long.


Stunning Accessories

Webbed Rhinestone Necklace

When it comes to accessorizing, the Duchess certainly knows how to stir the world into a fashion frenzy!  For her red carpet moment at the premier of Mandela, Kate reached for a media-rousing piece: a $35.90 rhinestone necklace from Zara! The gorgeous yet affordable piece shows that Kate doesn’t need to drop a bundle to exhibit great taste!


The Yogo Sapphire Ring

Known as the gemstone chosen to be set in a ring for Lady Diana Spencer, the glorious nine-carat oval yogo sapphire has become one of the most fashionable jewels. Now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, this royal heirloom will always stand as a chief focal point in her attire. There are various online jewelry boutiques where you can find similar pieces. The Miller’s Jewelry is a longstanding store providing reliable and luxurious pieces with the yogo sapphire. Another option is the Natural Sapphire Company, which specializes in setting pieces with the yogo sapphire.

kate-middleton-princess-dianas-ring_bridalboxA Pea Coat

The Peacoat jacket is a classic symbol of status and power. As Kate confidently wears her Burberry white pea coat, she recalls the raw girlish energy of Jacky O. No wonder the princess continues to be a fashion inspiration to women everywhere!
With these stunning fashion staples, you can embrace the spirit of the royal mom. Why not try something new and feel absolutely radiant in the process? You’ll discover how just a few simply touches can really pump up your personal style and bring out your inner princess!