Gemstones, Technology, IT, and the Future

Gemstones (Natural Untreated Sapphires being our focus of course) have been used and adorned for thousands of years.

Up until the very recent present, gemstones traded very slowly from traveling merchants.  Nothing about gemstones was transferable without actually seeing the item in person under good lighting and inspection conditions.  In the not too far past, hand written communication was the only way to describe a gemstone without actually seeing it.

Along came telephones, fax and copy machines, then color copiers, color scanners, digital cameras and computers.  Although gemstones are used for the same purposes as they were thousands of years ago, the way they are traded today couldn’t be further apart from how they were traded even 10 years ago.

10 years ago it would cost $300+ for a professional photographer to take a single picture of a sapphire with a 35mm camera.  Digital camera’s changed things, and brought the costs down, but still a true professional photographer was needed to capture the true reality of a sapphire.

Now in 2008, digital video and digital still cameras have incredible highly sensitive color sensors and light meters.  They focus on 1mm of detail or less, they capture video and still images that rival the best natural human vision.  The internet allows for high speed transmission of high density images, and each day millions of new people gain access to the unlimited wealth of information online.  The future is happening right now, right here in our time.

I constantly marvel and wonder what the future holds.Being able to stay up to speed with all the new and advanced technological gains is a project in itself.  The machines we employ to build our computer automated design (CAD) mountings are extremely sensitive, we can create design details measured in microns.

The laser welders and laser engravers for manufacturing, are tools that we cannot resist in pursing.  They are the future of quality and performance.

The laser scanners and photo optic imaging equipment for gemstone facet scanning is evolving.  We have to employ and train specialized staff to run and calibrate our sensitive equipment.  Our sapphire facet scanning machines can do analysis at a level of 4 microns! We can see what is not seen in a 60x microscope.

We are now researching the prospect of purchasing high technology equipment that measures trace mineral level/analysis in our sapphires, and light spectrum equipment.  All used in the study of gemology and gemstone identification in high level laboratories.

Our standards are ever being increased.  It’s an endless pursuit, but one that is very exciting!  Stay tuned, as we continue to innovate, and lead the way.

The Sapphire Matrix!

sapphire matrix