Gemstone Attributes, Grading and Classification

I’ve been working lately on a gem classification structure for our back end to bring the most up-to-date information on sapphires, diamonds, and all gems into our system for the benefit of our customers.  Having this system in place will provide added confidence to customers’ purchases as everything will be described using industry-standard terminology to enable greater consistency in describing difficult to describe attributes like Color, Clarity, and Cut of all gemstone types.  It will enable us to find for customers stones to match a stone they already own and to more efficiently create pairs for use in earrings and other beautiful jewelry; greater efficiency, of course, means greater savings for our customers.

ruby earring

Natural Untreated Ruby Earrings

Creating this system has been difficult in several ways.  For one, there are a great many ways to talk about a beautiful blue sapphire, and cataloging all the ways that the industry has established to describe a gem is hard enough on its own.  Added to this is the issue that Diamonds are described in the industry in very different terms than other gems are, so two systems need to be dealt with, along with a way to translate between the systems.  Added up even further is the issue that there is much less consensus in the industry about how to talk about sapphires, rubies, and other gems than there is about how to talk about Diamonds, so a lot of extra work is in deciding what the best way is to extend and combine the existing systems so that our customers can have the benefit of the most consistent and comprehensive set of descriptions supporting their purchases with us.

sapphire egg pendant

Here is J338, one of my favorite pieces in our collection: a necklace with an ornate egg that you can open and close filled with amazing natural sapphires! You can see here the subtle differences I’m talking about even between stones of the same general shape or color.

In the end it is all worth it, though, as a fully finished system paired with the industry-leading technology here at The Natural Sapphire Company will allow us to provide our customers with information and services simply not available elsewhere or available only at great cost.  Here we aim to provide the best at the best possible price.