Elegant New Custom Wedding Set

If you have found that perfect someone, then it is now time to find the perfect engagement ring.  This extremely unique wedding set is exceptionally elegant without being to over the top or gaudy.  Say you want to use a traditional round diamond as a center stone, but you know you also want to include a little bit of color with some stunning natural blue sapphires; then this is the wedding set for you.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Custom Made Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

These natural blue sapphire side stones really help to accentuate the dazzling beauty of the diamond center stone and add a unique touch to this charming mounting.  Also by adding a smaller diamond on either side of the blue sapphire side stones it helps to further emphasize the allure of this magnificent ring.  The symmetry of the design creates a very streamline look that is strikingly pleasing to the eye and adds another element of proportion and glamour to the beautiful ring.

Custom blue sapphire ring

The delicate wedding band that comes with this custom engagement ring is also symmetrically designed in order to maintain the overall look and proportions of the entire wedding set.  The two little diamonds also helps to add an additional accent for the beautiful center stone you choose to set in this mounting.  Keep in mind that everything we make is custom made, so if you would like to create this mounting using a natural blue sapphire center stone with diamond side stones instead, then that is most definitely an option.  Whatever color combination you wish to use we are more than capable of creating it for you.  This custom wedding set will soon be available online, but in the meantime if you are interested in creating this feel free to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to fabricate your dream ring.

Rendered Images of Blue sapphire rings

If you would like to create this beautiful wedding set using a blue sapphire center stone, or any other color of our stunning natural sapphires, and all diamonds as the side stones then take a look at JS946W14.