Creating Custom Sapphire Jewelry

Over the years we have sold numerous natural sapphires for different special occasions.  All of our natural untreated sapphires are one of a kind stones and a lot of the times these unique stones cannot just be thrown into your run of the mill pre-made semi-mount.  This is the main reason why we have a talented team of in-house designers who create one of a kind custom mountings built specifically for the natural sapphire of your choice.

Here at NSC it is always a pleasure for us to create a one of a kind unique piece of custom sapphire jewelry.  Over the years we have created numerous custom pieces including sapphire engagement rings and other personalized pieces of sapphire jewelry.  We try and make the process of designing custom pieces of sapphire jewelry as easy as possible so that our customers are guaranteed to have an overall great experience.

Here are few of the things that you need to take into account when deciding to create a custom piece of sapphire jewelry.  You don’t have to have experience or need to know a lot about the jewelry creation process in order to make a custom piece of sapphire jewelry, but it is always good to educate yourself in order to make the decision process easier.

Natural Sapphire: In choosing a natural sapphire you first need to determine the color and cut you prefer and then move forward from there.  Since color is subjective the choice is truly up to you, and no matter what cut you get, whether it be round, cushion or emerald, our talented team of designers will be able to create the custom sapphire jewelry piece of your dreams.

Design Style: When thinking about the design style you want for your custom sapphire jewelry piece the choice is truly based on your taste.  When it comes to ring designs we offer many styles including: solitaire, pave, micro pave, three stone, multi stone or any other style you desire.  The same styles apply to our sapphire earrings and pendants, but once again it is truly based on your taste and we will accommodate any style you wish.

Setting option: Once you have a design picked out it is time to determine what sort of setting option you prefer.  So unless you picked a bezel set design, you need to determine what kind of prongs you would like, and in order to help you determine that, we have a settings section on our education page to help you make the decision.

Metal type:

If you prefer to have your custom sapphire jewelry piece made in white metal you have a few options:

–   Platinum

–   White Gold

–   Palladium

If you do not want white metal then you still have a few options:

–  Yellow Gold: If you prefer to have a more yellow color tone then you should choose 18K Yellow Gold.

–  Rose Gold: If you prefer to have a more rose color tone then you have should pick 14K Rose Gold.

For more information regarding metal types and instructions on metal care take a look at this informative pamphlet.

sapphire care infomation sapphire care information oage 2

Ring size: If you are creating a custom sapphire ring or engagement ring then the final piece of information you need is your ring size, and it is always good to know your correct ring size.  We provide a ring sizing chart which can be printed out to use, but it is better and more accurate if you can go to local jeweler or any jewelry store to find out your true ring size.  If you cannot make it to a local jeweler, our customers who have used the ring sizing chart in the past said that it was very helpful.

In order to make sure that we maintain a fantastic reputation in the jewelry industry and that our customers have an all around enjoyable experience creating a custom piece of sapphire jewelry, we try to make the process as easy and painless as possible by providing you all the necessary information.  We truly enjoy creating custom sapphire jewelry pieces that people will cherish for years to come.  Beyond us enjoying it, our customers really appreciate the time and effort we put into making their sapphire jewelry buying experience as pleasurable as possible and we have received numerous fantastic reviews stating this fact.