5 Reasons Everyone Is Buying Sapphires For Their Engagement Ring

Colored gemstones have re-emerged as a top choice for the modern bride. Colored stones have always held an illustrious position in betrothal rings. Long before the DeBeers marketing campaign launched diamonds into the forefront of the engagement ring race, sapphire reigned supreme.  Today, numerous celebrities and royalty alike, have chosen sapphire engagement rings, for a more unique and personal approach. Here are five reasons why sapphires are coming back into vogue.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring worn by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Wears The World’s Most Iconic Blue Sapphire Ring

Sapphires Make The Most Unique Engagement Rings

Yep, we said it! Because of variances in shades, no two sapphires are alike even if they’re the same color, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind ring; as inimitable as the relationship you share with your significant other. Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, each with their own symbolic meaning. With a sapphire ring you’re getting a totally customized piece.


Blue Sapphires Make Beautiful Engagement Ring

Sapphire gemstones are readily available in every shape and cut at reasonable prices. Cut to maximize their brilliance and luster, well proportioned sapphires in special shapes are much more obtainable than their diamond counterparts. Your engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase, make it personal!


Our Wide Selection Of Sapphire Rings In Every Color

Sapphires Are More Affordable & Rarer Than Diamonds  

Diamond prices have been kept afloat not by rarity, but by a combination of De Beers’ manipulation of consumer demand and marketing strategies like “A Diamond Is Forever.”


Our Largest Sapphire “The Titian’s Eye” Totaling 69 Ct Is Still More Affordable Than A Diamond Of The Same Size At Inflated Costs

Sapphires on the other hand enjoy a more reasonable price point, because the industry was never monopolized. Many individuals are involved in the sapphire trade,they don’t answer to one organization that determines the price of all stones. This allows demand and pricing for sapphires to be reached organically, therefore making these rare gems affordable to all.

 Sapphires Are The Ethical Choice 

Sapphires, are mined in small family- or community-operated mines, which makes it easier to track who benefits from the sales of gemstones. The Natural Sapphire Co. has a sourcing office in Sri Lanka, a significant sapphire source,we know the miners and the stonecutters who produce our sapphires.Our company heads organizations in the communities that supply sapphires to our business and a percentage of each purchase goes towards charities we founded.


Boys At The Ephraim Orphanage Who We Support With Our Proceeds

While The Kimberley Process was created to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, reports indicate the difficulty in preventing conflict stones from entering the legitimate trade. The large scale in which diamonds are mined and the political conditions surrounding mining areas, make it very difficult to track the source of diamonds. Sapphires really are the most ethical choice you can make when purchasing a stone for your engagement ring.

Sapphires Are Highly Durable

Sapphire (part of the corundum family) is a 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness, as such, it is incredibly scratch-resistant and strong. These are just a few of the reasons why synthetic sapphire (sapphire with the same physical and chemical properties of natural sapphire, but grown by man) was chosen to laminate the new Apple Watch.


Luxury Apple Watches Use Sapphire Screens

Other precious and semiprecious gemstones such as emeralds don’t possess sapphire’s superior physical properties, and are therefore not nearly as indestructible. An engagement ring with a sapphire is not only beautiful to admire, but will certainly stand up to a lifetime of everyday abuse.


Your Engagement Ring Should Include A Blue Sapphire

Sapphires Are Quickly Rising In Value

This trend can certainly be seen at the world’s top auction houses, where sapphire sales are shattering records, at every auction held this year. Sales of untreated sapphires are trending upward, as consumers become more aware of the value of natural untreated sapphires. And of course, the recent surge in sapphire use in engagement rings and fine jewelry will only make the gemstone scarcer and therefore drive up its worth over time.

File picture of a Christie's staff member wearing "The Blue Belle of Asia" in Geneva

The “Belle Of Asia” Sold For $18 Million At An Auction At Christie’s Making It The World’s Most Expensive Sapphire

 Can’t Get Enough Of Blue Sapphires?


Our 6.5 Ct Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Be bold, be different and be yourself, choose a sapphire for your engagement ring! Discover the possibilities in our extensive sapphire engagement ring collection or choose to design the ring of your imagination. At The Natural Sapphire Company, we guarantee you’ll not only have the most beautiful ring, but also the confidence in knowing you made a wonderful investment.