White Sapphire Earrings - Round 1.96 Ct. - 14K White Gold

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    The beautiful, transparent pair of sapphires are 0.94 carats and 1.02 carats respectively. They are round shape white sapphires, with the dimensions of 6.00 x 6... Read More

    Item ID: PR2850-U
    Price: $686
    Weight: 1.02 Ct.0.94 Ct.
    Per Carat Price:$350 per Ct.
    Color: WhiteWhite
    Dimensions (mm):6.10L 6.00W 3.80H6.00L 6.00W 3.80H
    Clarity:Very Slightly IncludedVery Slightly Included
    Cut:Mixed BrilliantBrilliant
    Color Intensity:ColorlessColorless
    Origin:Ceylon (Sri Lanka)Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

    Hallelujah! Quality stud earring mounts. They’ll work with round faceted gemstones or star sapphires. A bit of sparkle that is simply lovely and so utilitarian... Read More

    Item ID: JS830W14
    Price: $523
    Metal: 14K White Gold


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