Simon - Head Jeweler


Head Jeweler

Birthplace: Korea

Current Residence: Queens, New York

What you do at NSC: I help create all setting related work in our workshop. I do things like special assembly, sizing, repairs, polishing, hand fabrication work and everything else that Su Su and Jimmy challenge me with each day.

What you like about working at NSC: I have been working here at NSC for almost 10 years and each year we enjoy our family work enviornment more and more. The challenges I have to complete keep me very focused on my work. I sometimes have a lot of stress in making sure that I can do each job perfectly and without risk to the expensive gemstones that we are working with. Everything we do is a rush, but quality cannot be rushed, so it is my challenge to figure out the best way to do it.

Hobbies: Cooking, jewelry work and spending time with my family.

Goals: Help all the customers by finishing by the deadlines!

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