Manannele Gedara Manjula Sampath Premasinghe - Photo & Video Specialist


Photo & Video Specialist

Birthplace: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Current Residence: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

What you do at NSC: I manage a lot of 3D rendering and model building for our New York office, as well as photo and video editing of new gemstones. I also provide support with the network and hardware whenever it is needed.

What you like about working at NSC: This is a really good opportunity to work with gorgeous gemstones. NSC is a very professional environment to work in and I like the NSC team. It’s really easy to work with them as they all are team players. I can also work independently at NSC and the facilities are very good. I also like NSC because I can share my ideas about beautiful sapphires and at the same time be able to gain more knowledge about the gems.

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing the guitar, enjoying nature and photography, and watching cricket matches.

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