Mary - Client Services & Graduate Gemologies

Mary Whitney

Client Services & Graduate Gemologies

What you do at NSC: I am in Client Services and share my knowledge and love of gemstones with my customers. I help them create impeccable jewelry, perfect just for them. Whether it is finding the perfect color to match their fiancee's eyes or college colors, everyone has a story and I love to show that within their jewelry.

What you like about working at NSC: Working at the NSC is wonderful! I have been fascinated by gems since I was a child, so it would make sense that I would become a gemologist and work with this company. Everyone is very positive here. We all love our job and our boss, so it makes for a very happy environment. We have some of the nicest sapphires and rubies on the market and are proud to present them to our customers.

Hobbies: Gemology, Astronomy and Traveling

Goals: Study more about Gemology and learn French.

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