Dinusha - Managing CO Director

Dinusha Madhushani

Managing CO Director

Birthplace: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Current Residence: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

What you do at NSC: Documentation working, social media, photo editing, SEO, Google analytics.

What you like about working at NSC: working at NSC is one of the best opportunity that i have got in my life. Mostly I like working at NSC because everyone works as a team and support the company to achieve the goals and targets. Always NSC prefers to find new technologies and move with those trendy technogies. So day by day I am getting more intereted with my job. I am very lucky to work with a lovable staff.

Hobbies: Playing video games, hanging out with friends, playing basketball

Goals: To become a expert in computer technologies and to work for the sucess of the company future.

My favorite links: