Director of Sales & Sr. Gemologist

Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia

Current Residence: New York, New York

What you do at NSC: I advise customers and share my knowledge of gemstones, particularly what makes them so unique and rare. I also help customers create their perfect piece of jewelry using our exceptional sapphires and rubies.

What you like about working at NSC: What’s not to love about being around the most beautiful and rare gemstones and jewelry?! I also love being able to help people throughout the design process from start to finish; there’s no greater feeling than helping someone create a something they will cherish forever. Not to mention, everyone here at NSC simply loves what they do so it’s a phenomenal work environment! For me, it’s not work at all - it’s doing what I love!

Hobbies: Doing anything outdoors! I love hiking, tennis, golf, running, and basically anything that brings me outside. I studied geology before receiving my Graduate Gemologist certification and still love traveling to remote places and exploring the geological formations in those areas.

Goals: To continue learning as much as I can in this incredibly dynamic industry!

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