Senior Multimedia Director & Senior CAD Designer

Birthplace: Myeik (Burma)

Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York

What you do at NSC: 3D jewelry rendering, photo editing, and creating jewelry animations.

What you like about working at NSC: I always like to learn more about 3D graphic animation, modeling and rendering, and I also enjoy working with other digital media. Because I help create our 3D models, I am the first one to see how a finished piece of jewelry will turn out. It is an experience I cannot get anywhere else. Working at NSC gives me the opportunity to specialize in my field and be surrounded by supportive co-workers.

Hobbies: Drawing fantasy characters, water color painting, studying 3D modeling and other inter-active software, and playing WoW.

Goals: To become an expert in the various mediums I work with and create successful products for NSC.

My favorite links: