Return Policy

Please note our return policy varies depending on the item/s you are considering for purchase.
The following 3 item types are explained below:

  • Loose Sapphires
  • Ready-Made Finished Jewelry
  • Custom Jewelry Orders

For Loose Sapphire and Finished Jewelry Orders:

We offer a 14 day inspection period for you to review your sapphire or finished jewelry item. The 14 day period begins when you sign for and receive your item from the shipping carrier. If you are not completely satisfied with your item, you can return it for a full refund. Returns after the 14 day inspection period can be returned for store credit, as long as the item you are returning is not damaged or worn from regular use. While you have possession of any item you are fully responsible for its value and care.

If you need an extended inspection period, special circumstances can be agreed upon; however, they must be done so prior to the shipment of your item. Please contact us at 212-869-1165 to make special arrangements for an extended inspection period.

Please note: Loose sapphires will not be accepted for a refund if they have been set, scratched, chipped, fractured, weigh differently or have been altered in any way. We strongly recommend that you do not set your gemstone with another jeweler until you fully intend to purchase it.

For ​Custom Made Bands Orders:

All of our Bands are made to order specific to your ring size and configuration of gemstones that may be used in the design. Each custom band is hand crafted in our workshop utilizing the precious metal of your choice. If gemstones are used in your Band design the stones are perfectly matched using natural diamonds, sapphires, and or rubies specific to the size specified in the design. Due to the very high labor cost to produce these unique Bands to your exact ring size we cannot accept returns. The precious metal and gemstones used in your Band retain their value, but we cannot restock your unique Band design and wait for another client to order it sometime in the future. We appreciate your understanding of why this policy is necessary for us to run our workshop effectively.

For Custom Orders, aka "Design Your Own Jewelry" Orders:

Our primary business is centered around manufacturing one-of-a-kind custom designed jewelry which our customers design and ask us to create for them. There are 2 primary costs that go into making a custom order and we have different policies on which can be returned:

  • The Center Gemstone: The stone being used in the design can almost always be returned for a full refund within 14 days after receiving the item.
  • The Setting and Materials Used: The Setting that was made for the specific gemstone is not returnable for a few reasons. Custom made settings are created to fit the precise dimensions of the center stone and the finger size of the client. Custom made orders are crafted to the specific taste and liking of the client, and unfortunately we cannot issue refunds on the setting component of the order as it is highly unlikely that another client will purchase the specific design and center stone that was created. We WILL allow the center stone to be returned for a refund within 14 days of reciept because the stone can still be used in countless other design options that our future customers can choose from. Should you request a custom setting to be manufactured for your stone selection, payment in full is required before production will begin.

There are situations where we will reserve the right to refuse a return on custom orders, such as if a setting style (bezel setting) poses risk to remove from the ring or if we are required to recut the center stone for a special issue, such as altering the shape for various reasons to work in the setting design. In this case we will inform you in writing of this special circumstance.

We encourage our clients to preview the loose sapphire they are interested in before creating a custom order jewelry setting for that stone. To help our customers better imagine their custom jewelry pieces, we provide two complimentary computer rendered images and one 3D wax model of the setting. The wax model is available to see the design in person before you place your order. Please contact us to inquire about these services.

If you have any specific questions regarding returns, please call us at 212-869-1165 or email us at

Items must be returned in the same condition as they were sent. If the item is damaged in any way it will not be accepted for a refund. While you have possession of any item you are fully responsible for its value and care.

How to Return an Item

If you have purchased an item that you would like to return, you must contact us to request an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). Do not send in a return unless you have an RMA number. All shipments will be refused and returned to sender if an RMA has not been issued.

Depending on the value of the item you are returning, you will be given special instructions on how to send in a return.

Items returned MUST be in the same new condition as they were when they were delivered to you. We will NOT accept damaged items. Please review our return policies before calling in for an RMA number.

A refund will be issued after we receive your return. Shipping costs cannot be refunded. If you paid by credit card, the charge will be credited back to your card. If you paid by check, wire transfer or Bitcoin, a company check will be issued to the name on the account from which the purchase was made from. In the case of Bitcoin, your refund will be issued in USD - equal to the USD equivalent at the time of purchase of your initial payment.

In order to deter potential theft, please do not write any words on the package shipping label that may allude to the contents of the package (such as gems, sapphires, jewelry, etc.). Do not declare the exact nature of the contents you are sending. If required by customs or the shipping company, specify the item is an "Antique Sample" or "Rock Crystal Sample".

Send returns to:
NSC Inc. RMA # (You must have an RMA Number)
6 East 45th Street, 20th Floor Penthouse
New York, NY 10017

Please Note: NO insurance coverage OR value is to be declared on returned items. Our insurance company will issue insurance coverage on the return shipment once your RMA Number has been generated.