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Happy Customer !!

So right off the bat let me just say this was a great experience. I reached out to The Natural Sapphire Company because I was looking for a sapphire for an engagement ring and had no idea where to start. Which as many of you have probably noticed, most sapphires offered at jewelers are either blue(which everyone has) or hot pink(way too pink) which were not what I wanted. After much research I settled on The Natural Sapphire Company because of their selection, the website was helpful for guiding what I wanted, and I could go to the showroom(make an appointment) to physically see the stones.
Now when reaching out to them, I received a few questions that were really helpful considering I didn’t know what to ask for aside from shape and color. The questions were easy to answer. Using my answers the team member Lauren Kelly-Nelson selected about 20 sapphires for me to look at based on my budget, shape, and color preference. The best part was that she didn’t just pick from the higher end of my budget but had everything from low cost, moderate, and high.
During this consultation I sat down to look the stones, was never rushed or pressured. She would gauge how I was feeling while showing me what the stones would look like in a ring(using a faux setting) and would discuss any ‘flaws’ a sapphire may have. At this first visit I was almost completely sold on a sapphire but was hesitant(a small flaw that you could barely even see except at one angle), so Lauren simply said I should think about it and I could have the stone put on hold for one week until I was certain. When I returned home, I thumbed through their site one more time, saw a stone that I didn’t see at the showroom and reached out to Lauren to inquire about it. She quickly offered to have the stone brought to the showroom and to send me photos of the stone(I don’t live close) I had on hold next to the other one. Then I selected the new stone and had it put on hold. Literally could not have asked for a nicer time considering how stressed I was going into this process(I never bought jewelry that costs as much as an engagement ring).
When it came to the setting, I wanted a complicated design and Lauren gave me a couple recommendations for where to get that kind of intricate setting made(They do custom designs but mine had a lot of fine details and needed to be completely hand made). The design ended up being too expensive for my budget to have made so I reached out to Lauren, sent her some pictures of what I wanted(less artsy design) and using the stone I had on hold she had a 3D rendering of the ring made for me. Still at no point was I pressured to pay anything.
The render took a couple of days and the images looked fantastic. After the photos I committed to this purchase. I even asked for a rush order which she wasn’t sure it could be done because I gave a really small time window(like a week-ish) that was ideal for my plan but understood it was not a lot of time. Instead of completely saying that time frame was impossible, she consulted a production manager and managed to make the timeframe work. There is obviously a rush order fee but it’s not bad. I recently received the ring and it looks great. The packaging is insane because it comes through Fedex, in the box is a cardboard holder containing a medium blue box(the ring is nestled inside), a container of cleaning fluid, and a ribboned folder containing all the details of your stone(for insurance and appraisal) printed on sturdy plastic plus cleaning instructions. The ring itself was in a pretty big blue box full of padding, in the center of the padding was a black fabric bag, in the little bag was the very pretty metal ring box containing the ring.
I’ll post a picture at a later time.

Best Wishes,
James Dunn.

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