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Exceptional Professionalism, Integrity, knowledge and advice !!

I almost never write reviews, especially complimentary ones. Lauren’s professionalism, integrity, knowledge, and advice are all a large part of how I ended up with an engagement ring that my fiancée loves. She wasn’t sure what she wanted when we started the search. Classic diamond solitaire, ruby, sapphire, 3-stones, baguettes, etc. She looked at or tried on a LOT of kinds of rings at a lot of vendors (online and brick & mortar), and the sapphire we mounted on a custom setting that Lauren created for us (combining 2 different standard Natural Sapphire settings) is exactly what we wanted. I only wish all vendors were only half as good. One final point on integrity: I was hesitating between 2 different sizes of diamond baguettes. Lauren advised me to go for the smaller – and less expensive – ones.

Best Wishes,

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