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The Ring Was Absolutely Perfect !!

When she asked me for a Montana Sapphire, I knew that I would need to find an organization that had a good selection and would help guide me through the process of creating a custom engagement ring. Finding the Natural Sapphire Company and having the opportunity to work with Lauren Kelly-Nelson was exactly what I needed. From start to finish, I was met with professionalism and the advice that I needed to get a ring that fit our budget. Having a picture of a unique ring to work off of, the Natural Sapphire Company created crisp 3D renderings that helped me decide exactly what I wanted before they crafted the ring. I selected stone in person with Lauren and she gave me tips on what to look for, the differences in treatment and cut, and what makes Montana Sapphires so special. In the end, the ring was absolutely perfect and she said YES! I extend my gratitude to the entire team and recommend them highly. If done right, you only need to do this once.

Best Wishes,
Christopher Vitale.

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