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I had multiple stellar experiences with the Natural Sapphire Company!!!

I had multiple stellar experiences with the NSP. I purchased a sapphire stone with Erika and then had the stone placed in a setting and purchased a wedding band with Lauren.

First, I was wary of the online shopping experience at first, which is why we purchased the stone on its own. After having it delivered and seeing it in person, I was very reassured that what they show online is an accurate depiction of what it will look in person. Beyond that, Erika was incredibly helpful and pleasantly answered my endless list of questions. Same could be said about Lauren the other purchases. The customer experience is outstanding.

Second, their prices are incredibly competitive, and their’s no catch. We shopped around in person and online and were not able to find the same grade of jewelry, ethically sourced, for the same price. My fiance and I are very happy with the rings and we would definitely shop again on this site in the future

Best Wishes,
Hassan Hamdam.

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