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Best On-Line Jewerly Experience Ever

I wanted to commission a ruby three stone ring. Local jewelers just said more or less what we have is what you get. So I looked at on-line shops and went to NSC based on my son’s recommendation and the fact that I could get an unenhanced ruby. It was like working with a private expert. You CAN just use the on-line tools and order up what you want but I worked with an expert at NSC via e-mail and narrowed down the setting and stone selection over the course of a week. Lauren took my requirements and helped steer me towards the right setting and the right stone all the while leaving the decisions up to me. No pressure and insightful comments. They can render your combination so you can see what it will look like. Lauren even made short videos of stones under consideration. The ring I now have is exactly what I was looking for, in the metal I wanted, in the correct size, engraved and something I could never probably find in a local store. Delivered with all the valuation paperwork as well.

Best Wishes,
Bob Kunz

Here is the link to the original post on the Trust Pilot.