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Great Experience, Fair Price, Good Service, Excellent Product!!

I have wrote this same review on yelp with pictures uploaded if anyone is interested to see
I have purchased many loose diamonds before in the past, so my knowledge of diamonds is a bit above average I would have to say. In trying to go a different route other than diamonds (FYI: sapphire is a stone of royalty), I stumbled upon sapphire. However, when it came to Sapphire, I had no knowledge of it at all. I did my first research online and read through many forums and posts. I have stumbled upon The Natural Sapphire Company after reviewing many websites that sells sapphires. I have extensively compared prices, color, cut, differences between heated and unheated, and what it means in terms of where the sapphire comes from. After much debate, I made an appointment online with the staff at TNSC. Erika was the person who assisted me from this point on.

Appointment scheduling: Very easy, no hassle. I had to change my timing after scheduling and was able to do it easily through email

Location: Its in NYC. I actually took a train from PA for 3.5hrs to visit the place in person. It is on the higher level floor. The décor of the place is very nice and elegant. I felt safe when I was there. I did not feel as if I was going to some crooked jeweler.

Staff: Erika was fabulous. Very courteous, respectful and was NOT forceful in trying to get you to purchase their gems. I come to understand that anyone who would walk away from TNSC would eventually come back to purchase their products. She kept in communication in every step of the way.

Process: I picked out two sapphire stones and two settings which I liked. Erika was able to offer recommendations. The visual depictions were sent to me a few days later in which I was able to review them in details. From my initial appointment until I got the ring was a few days more than 3 weeks, which is fair in my opinion.

Item: It was an engagement ring which I purchased. It was a 2.9 ct medium blue sapphire with a sunburst appearance diamond platinum setting. The ring was beautiful and far exceeded my expectations. One of my friend whom I showed it to said I made an excellent choice and he rarely comments positively in my taste for things. Needless to say, the packaging was amazing. FedEx delivery overnight as promised.

Payment: I paid by credit card without any issues.

Experience: Overall, I had an excellent experience. I will be coming back to purchase wedding bands definitely.

Take home message: I am sure other sapphire companies are great as well. with TNSC, my experience was easy and no pressure. The prices were very fair in my opinion. The fact that I got a chance to go in person to check out the gem, I would definitely pay extra for that. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate, contact them. You will be surprised. I have also upload some pictures of the ring. Hope it turns out as good as it looks in real life.

Best Wishes,
Eav Lim.

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