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Exactly What I Was Looking For An Engagement Ring

I encountered The Natural Sapphire Company surfing the web for “natural sapphires” given that my girlfriend expected that I didn’t propose her with a diamond. Since my first look through the web page, I was amazed by the vast inventory and diversity of options they have. The education link was a great help to learn a lot of things I didn’t know about sapphires and helped a lot to make my final decision. As many of the people that are buying jewelry online, I was worried about actually doing it. Being a non-expert makes you insecure that you could receive something you didn’t buy. Caitlyn, director of sales, was very helpful and explained all of my inquiries even when some of them could appear a little too obvious. She understood my nervousness around buying the ring online and gave me multiple advice that helped me making the final decision. The 3D renders that they make for you to see how a stone that you like fits on a certain ring are superb. At the end, the part that sealed the deal was the great attention and service that Caitlyn gave to me. She understands that this business depends greatly on service and prestige and she did everything she could to excel. My girlfriend and I loved the ring and if I had to do it all over again I would certainly choose The Natural Sapphire Company.

Best Wishes,
Andres Aguilar.

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