Michael Arnstein

President - The Natural Sapphire Company


Livingston, New Jersey

Current Residence:

New York, New York

What you do at NSC:

I am the 3rd generation working in our family business. I have taken on the responsibility of company planning and administration from my father, Seymour. I oversee and assist in the purchasing of our sapphires from the mines, and direct our company long term goals. I also work closely with our customers on special custom projects.

What do you like about working at NSC:

I like working directly with the sapphires themselves. The longer you work with rare gemstones, the more you appreciate them. The ultra-fine quality, perfectly-cut small stones are some of my favorites. I also especially focus on the cutting and polishing work that goes into making our sapphires extraordinary gemstones.

I enjoy working with clients who understand the true rarity of our sapphires. Having the privilege to help create custom jewelry used for extra special events in people's lives is very rewarding. This is a very satisfying part of my job.

In addition to working with clients and our sapphire inventory, I like to focus on maintaining a creative and supportive work environment here in our offices. Our employees work as a team to help each other and our customers. Possibly the greatest gems in our inventory are our employees!


I am an avid naturalist, which I define as a person who has a strong commitment to personal health, and for the world around them. Daily exercise, being creative and working through challenges are a daily focus both professionally and privately.


Learn Spanish, spend more time with my family, spend more time winter mountaineering, and retire in Hawaii growing my own fruit trees!

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