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Famous Sapphires

Sapphires have long held an allure for wearers and connoisseurs around the world. It should then come as no surprise that sapphires hold special positions in some of the most glorious royal jewels, the most coveted celebrity jewelry boxes, and some of the most revered style icons that have set trends that return again and again.



On the pages within this section, we’ll explore the history and creation of the jewels themselves, the lives of their famous wearers, and how sapphires have come to mean so much to so many in some of the most beautiful sapphire jewelry pieces ever created. Explore with us on the following pages:

The Lore of Sapphires at Court and in Literature | A History of Sapphires in Culture

The British Crown Jewels and Queen Elizabeth II | British Royalty’s Love of Sapphires

European Royal Sapphires | A Love Affair with Sapphire Jewelry

Hollywood History of Sapphires | The Screen Legends Who Love Sapphires

The World’s Largest Sapphires | A Guide to the World’s Famous Named Sapphires

The Legacy of Princess Diana | Famous Royal Sapphire Engagement Rings


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