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More Precious Metals Details

Precious Metals and Spiritual Traditions

The properties of gold, silver, and platinum are highly prized for their believed abilities to affect mood and health.

History Of Precious Metals In New Age Metaphysics

For those who practice spiritual healing or New Age Metaphysics, precious metals all carry a special significance.  

precious metals in new age


gold bracelet
A solid gold bracelet in yellow gold, said to have the ability to promote self-awareness.

Gold’s biocompatibility and conductivity have been recognized for hundreds of years.  In New Age tradition, gold is believed to be an energy amplifier.  When worn on the body, it is said to be helpful for treating blood, skin, and heart conditions as well as epilepsy, scoliosis, dyslexia, and autism.  

Because gold is chemically inert, it is also believed to prevent spiritual corrosion, fatigue, and negativity.  If the wearer is mindful to avoid a tendency toward greed, gold serves to relieve tension, anger, and feelings of inferiority.  

Yellow gold harnesses the warmth of the sun and it promotes self-awareness and the realization dreams.  Rose gold enhances spirituality, and white gold channels the energies of both the sun and the moon.  When gold is used in conjunction with other stones in jewelry, it is said to amplify the energy and healing powers of those stones.  

silver and moonstone earrings
Sterling silver and moonstone earrings by Georg Jensen.


Silver is often associated with the feminine characteristics of compassion and empathy.  Because of these traits, when it is paired with other minerals such as agate, jet, moonstone, and turquoise, it helps to channel the positive energy of those minerals into the body.  

Silver is also said to be beneficial for the circulatory system, the throat, and the lungs.  It restores mental and hormonal balance and is good for detoxifying the body.  

platinum rings
Platinum rings, when worn, help defend the body against ill health.


Since we only acquired the ability to work with platinum at the end of the 19th century, it does not have the extensive spiritual tradition that is associated with both silver and gold.  As a new metal, however, it represents the future—facilitating growth, change, new ideas and newfound wisdom.  Its superior strength concentrates the mind and deflects negativity, envy, and malice.  When worn on the body, it provides systemic protection from disease or infirmity.  

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