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Gold Allergy

Gold allergies can be fairly common and very frustrating so it’s helpful to know exactly how to spot and treat.

How To Spot & Treat A Gold Allergy

In rare cases, people’s skin will turn black when they wear gold jewelry.  This is usually caused by a reaction to the material used to alloy gold.  If you have a gold allergy, we have several suggestions:

precious metal allergic reaction
An example of an allergic reaction to gold jewelry.

Determine if your reaction is due to the karat gold of the mounting .  Allergic reactions are more commonly caused by a low karat solder  used to join components of the mounting.  If this is the case, the situation can be remedied by replacing the solder.

difference in gold karats
By switching to gold of a higher karatage, you may be able to alleviate your allergic reaction. Although the colors of the gold will be slightly different, this does not usually bother most consumers.

Try wearing jewelry made of higher karat gold.  If you have reacted to 14K gold, try switching to 18K gold instead.

Try a different gold alloy.  Your reaction may be due to the metal used to alloy the gold.  If palladium is used as the alloying agent, for example, you may no longer experience an allergic reaction.  Have your jewelry plated with 24K yellow gold or with rhodium if your piece is white gold.

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