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About Us

Why Choose The Natural Sapphire Company?

We aim to make our customer’s search as easy as possible and to educate the consumer about the differences between a natural untreated sapphire and an artificially enhanced sapphire.

A Natural 3.10 Ct. Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka
A Natural 3.10 Ct. Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Rarity & Value

Our sapphires are rare! Untreated sapphires make up less than 1% of what is available on the market. These stones have significantly more value, and are far more stable in retaining that value over commercially treated sapphires.

Many other websites have wonderful pictures of the gemstones and jewelry they offer for sale. Yet, the reality is in most cases you are seeing a ‘marketing picture’ of an item that does not even exist. It’s called pre-selling. If you order the item, then and only then, will the item be manufactured. And in most cases, the item will not be created by the company that you are ordering from. It may be from various vendors and dealers that supply the company you are ordering from, and what do you know about them?

Will the item even look remotely like what the ‘marketing picture’ shows? The gemstone pictures are not even real pictures in most cases, they are artificially created to look like a real gemstone. Is this the kind of company you want to purchase from?

Cutting Quality

A gemstone’s beauty is directly affected by the quality of its cut. A good cut will maximize a sapphire’s color, clarity, and carat weight and create a well proportioned, symmetrical gemstone. We pride ourselves on having the best, perfectly-cut sapphires in all shapes and sizes.

Reputation & History

We offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our sapphires and sapphire jewelry. Competitors may offer lower prices, but the sapphires presented will not match our quality. They may be heat treated, uncertified, or poorly cut. Education is key when dealing with sapphires. Natural does not necessarily mean untreated, and it is important for customers to understand the differences. For more information on natural untreated sapphires please visit our Education section.

3D Scan Report Example
3D Report Example

3D Scan Reports

We use the most advanced 3D scanning technology to scan the facets and overall shape of each of our sapphires. This report shows the exact facet angles, dimensions, percent measurements, and symmetry details of a stone and allows our customers to view each sapphire in extreme detail.

Other jewelry and gemstone websites don’t show the full details of the items they are selling. Often, rather than photograph the actual piece, they post a stock image of the jewelry or stone. We want our customers to know that all of the photos on our website are taken by our own photography department and show the exact loose sapphire or sapphire jewelry that you will receive.

Sapphire Gemstone ID Report Example
ID Report Example

ID Reports & Laboratory Certifications

All of our sapphires are accompanied by a comprehensive identification report issued by our staff gemologists. These reports are not marketing documents, but professional certifications that conform to industry standards and are recognized by all insurance companies.

The Natural Sapphire Company employs the same GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologists that third-party laboratories employ, use the same technical equipment and have the same standards in reporting. Our internal reports are as accurate and guaranteed as any high-quality third-party laboratory.

Sapphire Appraisal Report Example
Appraisal Report Example

Some sapphires are accompanied by a third party laboratory report in addition to our in-house documentation. These stones have been randomly selected from our inventory to be audited by an independent laboratory to maintain our position of quality control and reporting.

We recognize the reporting from the following independent laboratories, all of which are members of the LMHC (Laboratory Manual Harmonization Committee): The GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), Gubelin Lab (Switzerland) and SSEF Laboratories (Switzerland).

To learn more about gemological laboratories, please visit our Sapphire Education section.

From Mine to Market

We buy directly from the small-scale miners. We work very closely with responsible landowners who mine with minimal environmental damage. There is no middleman; our sapphires come from the ground to you!

We do not deal with stones from countries that have military dictatorships or child labor problems. We work only with sapphires from sources of non-violent and environmentally responsible countries.

We do not purchase second hand privately owned sapphires or jewelry unless we can verify the ownership chain. If we purchase from a private seller, standard industry security checks are done to make sure we are not being offered stolen gemstones or jewelry.

Truth in Marketing

We see lots of marketing gimmicks from other companies that we do not agree to be very forthcoming, such as ‘Eco-Friendly, ‘Conflict-Free’ and other marketing ploys.

For Example: Responsible Gold Mining

This is an absolutely impossible claim and guarantee.

Most gold that is used in jewelry manufacturing is in fact recycled gold from 2nd hand jewelry that is repurchased by casting and refining companies. If you walk down 47th street in New York City (the country’s jewelry hub) you will be inundated with refinery salesman/hawkers telling you ‘we buy gold’. The street is nicknamed ‘we buy gold and diamonds’. Other websites that claim to sell responsibly mined precious metals can’t possibly guarantee this at any level of reliability.

We buy all of our precious metals (platinum, gold) from local casting companies here in New York, and 80% of the gold they use in production is 2nd hand, repurchased melt down gold. That is the reality of where most gold comes from in domestic, USA-made jewelry. Another marketing ploy of some web jewelry marketers is that the gemstones are ‘conflict-free’ or are from ‘certified’ responsible origins.

It is proven that the United Nations and other ‘Associations’ blanket statements of ‘Truth’ and ‘Guarantees’ are just in fact vendor ‘guarantees’. These claims are just unenforceable, unverifiable almost do not even existent other than in writing.

A quick search on truth in claims about conflict-free gemstones will reveal that even the most developed projects such as the Kimberly Process (this is a major United Nations and diamond industry association project to stem ‘conflict diamonds’) are complete ‘self-enforced’ meaning – it’s just words.

The reality is that if you want to purchase something from a company, be sure about the marketing they ascribe to. Are they merely marketing angles that are almost impossible to verify, or truth?

We Care

We support the growth, development, and security of our sapphire-supplying countries. We actively donate charity and time to the organizations that monitor and care for miners that have fallen on hard times. In the rainy seasons, there may be floods that destroy homes, crops, and infrastructures. We make sure we support the less fortunate that help produce these wonderful treasures from the ground. If you would like more specific information on what we support financially, you are welcome to ask us for more details.


We’re in this business because we love what we do. We have a passion for natural untreated sapphires! We love to work with people who are as excited about our sapphires as we are!

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