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NSC Charity Foundation

Feel confident that when you order from us you directly support communities in Sri Lanka, Burma and Montana, and More.

The Natural Sapphire Company is a Mine-to-Market company. We specialize in a rare gemstone from its birth from the earth until it comes into your hands. Along the way we try very hard to make sure our sapphires touch people in a peaceful and supportive way. Whether it is our gem cutters being properly employed with a living wage and a healthy work environment or the land that the sapphires come from, we do our part to support our community in Sri Lanka, Burma, and Montana in the best way we can; by doing it with our own Foundation.

The Natural Sapphire Company Foundation is just that, a healthy percentage of our sales goes directly back into supporting all the people and things that bring you a sapphire that is full of good karma from mine to market. Most of the charitable programs we support are self-created and administered through our dedicated Foundation staff.

Thank you for your support and interest in working with our Foundation.

Our Charity Projects

Child Welfare

Our child welfare projects provide assistance to impoverished families in rural areas who struggle to make ends meet and care for their families. Through improving education for children and acting as a resource to families in need, we hope to better their current and future quality of life. Projects focus on renovating schoolhouses, providing school supplies to students, providing shoes and clothing, ensuring that schools have clean water, supporting teachers, and more.

Advanced Education/Technology

We offer classes to students seeking advanced education with computers and technology. We donate laptops to these courses and provide instruction on basic computer skills. We offer advanced education on how to use Word processing, Outlook communication, Excel, and other computer programs that would enable people to work in a variety of industries.

Animal Welfare

In many mining localities and rural areas, stray dogs and cats are a concern both for the well-being of the animal and for the community’s general health. Our projects aim to assist organizations making efforts to control the stray animal population through spaying or neutering and to help quell the spread of rabies through participation with local veterinarians to administer rabies vaccines. In addition, we promote adoption of these animals in order to keep them off the street and in a safe home where they will be nurtured and loved.


Many communities understand the importance of caring for their elderly in need of food, shelter, and medical attention. Unfortunately, the costs of doing so are great and the resources are limited. We are currently providing these communities with new supplies in their facilities, making necessary infrastructure repairs, compensating staff and bringing in more assistance, and bringing local musicians and singers in for entertainment. Additionally, we are expanding our efforts to provide free medical checkups and necessary medications to ensure a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for these people.


NSC is proud to be a mine-to-market company focused on dealing with mining operations that have minimal environmental impact. We focus on preserving the land from which we bring you the most beautiful gemstones in the world through tree planting and land restoration in mining regions. The trees we plant are often fruit trees that help feed healthy food options to the local community.

Women’s Needs

To support equal rights and equal opportunities for women in developing countries, we provide education for women looking to enter the workforce, support to single women with children or with struggling families, assistance with home repairs, and employment opportunities.

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