Yellow Sapphires Are Trending Now

One of the trends we’ve noticed among our customers and in the jewelry industry is the popularity of yellow gemstones.  It was no surprise to me when I came across an article written in the Wall Street Journal about the soaring popularity of colored stones, particularly in shades of yellow (read that article here).  We receive countless inquiries on a daily basis about our yellow sapphires – from light-toned, subtle beauties to rich, golden yellow rarities.  As people have explored a myriad of hues for their engagement rings and keepsake jewelry, yellow sapphires have been making an imprint in the fashion industry.

We all know that celebrities are at the forefront of the fashion industry – setting trends in everything from haute couture to shabby chic.  Their jewelry, however, is a whole different ball game.  Celebrity engagement rings have become increasingly more ornate and more unique, showcasing the rarest gemstones in the most intricate ring designs to create a piece of hand candy that is simply their own.

Take for instance Carrie Underwood’s flawless yellow diamond engagement ring.  Popular media was abuzz with articles commenting on its hefty proportions and off-beat color.  Not only Carrie Underwood has been asserting her individuality through her drool-worthy bauble; Hale Berry rocks a vibrant green emerald and Penelope Cruz shows off a gorgeous blue sapphire (and trust me, we know gorgeous blue sapphires when we see them).

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Our own yellow sapphire platinum ring J2543 is a dead ringer for Ms. Underwood’s fancy yellow diamond.  A stunning 7.34ct untreated yellow sapphire surrounded in a pave diamond halo, framed in delicate milgrain, and a gallery studded in MORE diamonds is sure to rival any celebrity engagement ring you see at the latest Red Carpet event.

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Our finished jewelry inventory is saturated with such eye-catching and one-of-a-kind designs that you can be sure to find something that fits your personal M.O.  Oh, but there’s more.  Want something that’s completely unique, featuring a sapphire whose color and characteristics cannot be duplicated in any other stone, to don your finger as your own masterpiece?  Well, we can do that for you too.  Choose a sapphire from our inventory and select a custom ring setting from our website.  Still not satisfied?  Speak with one of our gemologists and sales associates about designing your own 100% unique setting.