Yellow Sapphires

The yellow sapphire market is growing, and it still has a huge way to go.

In the 1970’s natural untreated yellow sapphires were extremely undervalued.

A 10ct yellow sapphires cost maybe $50. per/ct, now they are well over $1000. per/ct.

The same ratio can be seen in yellow diamonds as well, they used to be ‘worthless’ compared to white diamonds.

Yellow sapphires specifically are used in India for Vedic Astrology and have been driving up prices tremendously. As that market emerges and many in the emerging middle class have a cultural need that stipulates natural sapphires (specifically yellow) as a ‘must have’ for good luck and good ‘energy’.  I can’t comment too much on Vedic Astrology though, it is not something I know too much about in detail, other than it is increasing the sale and prices of natural yellow sapphires exponentially.

The price on our most prized natural untreated yellow sapphire J647 (it is in a platinum mounting with very beautiful diamonds) is a great value in my opinion, I believe these large natural yellow sapphires are going to continue to increase in value year to year moving forward.

Natural Untreated Yellow Sapphire Three Stone Ring

Natural Untreated Yellow Sapphire Three Stone Ring