Yellow Sapphire Ring

I love sapphires, there is no doubt.   You can have all the colors of the rainbow,  except of course red, because then it would be a ruby.  One of my favorites though,  is the yellow sapphire.  There are many assortments of the color yellow from lemon peel, pastel yellow, to bright sunflower yellow.  If you like yellow diamonds, but you are not a big fan of them or who doesn’t want to pay the ridiculous price for diamonds, well….. yellow sapphire will be your best choice.  For me, though, the only reason is… I just LOVE yellow sapphires!!!

I was so excited when someone was ready to make a sapphire ring with our inventory item: Y5.  After they purchased the stone, they decided to make a ring with it, but were not sure what kind of styles they would like to set the stone in.  So, the couple had us hold on to the stone and came back to our showroom to design the ring.  There were few designs that they liked but were not sure of which one they liked the best.  We decided to make a few 3D pictures and we emailed them to the customer.  Here was the first step.

Custom Yellow Sapphire Rings

After they viewed the pictures, they decided that they want to make the 3 stone ring on the bottom of the picture above.  They wanted to do a more modern design, though with trapezoid diamonds as side stones for the sapphire.  They also wanted to have 2 tone gold.  The natural Yellow sapphire would be set in the yellow gold and the rest of the ring will be in white gold.

Here is the second stage:

Custom Yellow Sapphire Rings 1

They liked the style, but they decided to have diamonds to be set in the bezel setting.

The 3rd stage

Custom made Purple Sapphire Ring 2

They loved the design, so we printed the model and sent it to the casting house.

Here is their gorgeous natural untreated yellow sapphire ring:

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring View 2