With this ring ….

At the most basic level, a wedding band is a metal hoop. Depending on the local culture, it is worn on the base of the right or the left ring finger. But the symbolism of the ring … that’s considerably more complex.  The wedding ring symbolizes marriage: spouses wear them to indicate their commitment to one another.  The European custom of wearing such a ring has spread widely beyond Europe.  In North America and some European countries, many married women wear two rings on the same finger: an engagement ring and a plain wedding band. Some women who have been married a long time wear three rings on their finger: a wedding band, an engagement ring, and an anniversary ring.

Blue Sapphire Ring

A custom-made palladium wedding set featuring a sapphire center-stone

Palladium has recently become a popular material for wedding bands, due to its durability and affordability.  Sapphire engagement rings are simultaneously enjoying a renewed popularity for similar reasons: as a 9 on the Moh’s scale, sapphire is tough enough to withstand daily wear, and varied enough to fit every budget.  The cost of the sapphire center-stone varies depending on the color, size and the transparency. And a sapphire ring can be personalized further according to the wearer’s tastes with purple, pink, green or yellow sapphire accent stones!

PInk Sapphire Ring

Another custom wedding set – unique relationships inspire the desire for unique wedding rings!  But if you like the style of this ring, you might appreciate JS157 or JS366… or you might enjoy designing your own set with us!

Of course, comfort is key to the wearability of your wedding set: at NSC, your quality is assured, but a preference for thicker or thinner sets among women should be taken into account. But rest assured … whatever color or style you choose, you will treasure your sapphire engagement ring and wedding band for years and years to come.

blue sapphire ring in white gold

Take a peek at our customizable ring settings and see which one might be right for you … or which one will inspire you to create your own!