Why Should I Buy A Sapphire?


Whether you are in the market for a colored stone engagement ring, have your heart set on a sapphire engagement ring, or are simply looking for your next piece of fine gemstone jewelry; there are many reasons why you should choose to buy a sapphire over any of the other popular gemstones.  While sapphires can reach high prices like diamonds, buying a sapphire can still be far more affordable than buying a comparably sized diamond. That’s the first thing you need to know… A beautiful sapphire is far more affordable than a beautiful diamond. More affordable, and more rare! Especially when you choose a natural untreated sapphire, which you can own with pride as less than 1% of sapphires are left untreated. Though some may still preach that diamonds are a girl’s best friend forever; to have a rare and beautiful untreated blue sapphire holds the most true and factual prestige. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, sapphires are the intelligent woman’s confidant.  The woman who wears a sapphire knows what she has – a treasure high above the common hunk of carbon on every girl’s finger.

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Radiant_PinkFor a colored stone engagement ring, gemstone earrings, tennis bracelets, gemstone pendants, cocktail rings, and anything else you’d like to see your favorite color shine from; the multitude of sapphire colors and the one-and-only red of rubies are the wisest choice for gemstone jewelry, the beauty of which you want to last a lifetime. While you will be tempted by the colors of other popular gemstones like aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, emerald, tourmaline, etc. etc. None of those gemstones will match the combination of hardness, durability, brilliance, along with the extensive range of hues, tones, and levels of saturation that is found when it comes to sapphires and rubies. Though you may find the prices of other colored gemstones to be more appealing, you may find that same gemstone UN-appealing 5 years down the road when the facet junctions are heavily abraded, maybe some chips and scratches along the girdle of the stone, leaving you to either need the gem re-cut, or need a new stone altogether. This isn’t a joke; we see it all the time! Though sapphires aren’t indestructible, their beauty is guaranteed to last longer than all other gemstones, including diamond! That’s right, I said it, the beauty of a sapphire is guaranteed to last longer than a diamond. The reason: Diamonds naturally attract grease and wax, while repelling water, so diamond jewelry needs constant cleaning to maintain its beauty. Sure, sapphires will get dirty over time, but not as quickly as diamonds. Sapphires Win!!!