White Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Buying Guide To The Perfect Diamond Alternative

Every woman dreams of having a sparkling gemstone on her finger when she gets married. For many years the stone of choice has been the diamond – where the bigger the diamond, the better. The highly aggressive 1940’s De Beers ad campaign – A Diamond Is Forever – created a high demand based on emotional appeal, not rarity. With a diamond ring, you’re getting a hefty price tag, but are you getting the value, or are you paying the cost of good marketing? It is for this reason that many are looking for other alternatives.


A Classic White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Fortunately, there are white sapphires. These beautiful stones are a natural, affordable and luxurious option for a classic looking engagement ring. While many women want the traditional look of a white diamond ring, they also want options for financial or ethical reasons. To help educate and enlighten as many as possible, we have compiled a guide to help answer any and all questions you may have about white sapphires!

What Is A White Sapphire?

  • A white sapphire is a colorless sapphire that is often used as a substitute for diamond.
  • Similar to a diamond, white sapphires are very durable and give off a shiny glow.
  • While there are some differences between the two stones, the main difference is the cost.
  • White sapphires are beautiful as center stones or side stone for any engagement ring.
  • White sapphires come in the same array of cuts and shapes as diamonds.

Our Mixed Brilliant Cut Round White Sapphire –  A Perfect Choice For A Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

What Does “Natural” and “Untreated” Mean In White Sapphires?

  • Natural means that the gemstone is not synthetic or created in a lab – it has come direct from the ground.
  • Untreated means that there were no chemical alterations done to the stone once it was removed from the ground.
  • Many stones will go under treatment to alter their color or clarity, during the enhancement material such as glass or coloring agents are added.
  • When you get a natural and untreated sapphire, that means your stone is given to you as it was found, with no alterations except for cutting taking place.

How Rare Are These Stones?

  • Because white sapphires are colorless stones with very few, to no impurities, they are extremely rare in the sapphire world.
  • Unlike diamonds, white sapphires must be inclusion free or have very few visible imperfections since it is easy to spot when the stone is clear.
  • We sell natural white sapphires-no synthetics; natural, colorless sapphires of perfect clarity are doubly rare.

Our Asher Cut White Sapphire Ring

How Does The Price Compare To Diamonds?

  • Compared to diamonds, white sapphires are only a fraction of the cost.
  • For example, a 1 carat diamond can range anywhere between $3,000 and $26,000; a white sapphire of the same size can start from $400-$1200.
  • You are spending far less on a product that is still natural, cut well and beautiful.

What Are The Range In Pricing For White Sapphires?

  • The price for your white sapphire will change depending on what you are looking for.
  • The shape,size,cut and amount of inclusions will play important factors when determining the price and each gemstone will be judged on its own merit.
  • To give you an idea on pricing, our lower priced gemstones are around $200 while the high end are about $32,000. As you can see, there is a wide range, so you are sure to find something that fits your budget.

Our Cushion Cut White Sapphire

Is There Any Difference In The Appearance?

  • There is a slight difference in appearance when it comes to comparing white sapphires with diamonds.
  • White sapphires simply have a different luster. When it comes to your gem, it is really all about the cut of the stone.
  • The cut will make the sapphire sparkle, and we have some of the finest cut sapphires on the market.
  • Lastly, since white sapphires are completely clear, there are very few inclusions. Any inclusions would be highly visible, so your sapphire will have be internally flawless.

How Durable Are White Sapphires?

  • White sapphires are one of the hardest minerals around.
  • This means that they will not be scratched when they come into contact with other surfaces.
  • The only thing that is harder than a white sapphire would be a diamond, but their durability is a close match.
  • Taken care of, a white sapphire will last a lifetime and beyond.

What Should I Look For In A White Sapphire Engagement Ring?

  • When you are looking for a white sapphire engagement ring, there are a few things you will want to look for. First, you want a gemstone that is perfectly clear or close to it.
  • A gemstone with perfect clarity will be whiter, brighter, and have more brilliance.
  • Secondly, you will want to get a natural white gemstone as opposed to a synthetic one. A natural white sapphire is more durable since it has not been altered, and therefore it is less likely to break.
  • Lastly, look at the cut of the sapphire, this helps the gemstone sparkle. A good cut can go a long way, so be sure you are getting your white sapphire from a company that knows the importance of this.

A Modern Take On A Classic Solitaire With A Sleek White Sapphire

Start Your Own Tradition!

Between the cost and the quality of white sapphires, you simply can not go wrong. When you purchase one of our white sapphire engagement rings you’ll be the envy of everyone who sees it, and only you’ll know that you paid a fraction of the cost.

See for yourself how beautiful a natural, untreated white sapphire can be. We offer a selection of white sapphire engagement rings. If you can’t find a finished style you like, simply pick your own loose sapphire and pair it up with our ready made settings or choose our design your own option. No matter what you choose, we are sure you will be happy with your decision to go with a white sapphire gem.