What time is it? I’ll look at my Sapphire

In the past, people when deciding how to mount their beautiful sapphire, would choose between a sapphire ring, a pair of sapphire earrings, a sapphire pendant, a sapphire bracelet or maybe a sapphire necklace.  But today, they have one more choice, THEIR WATCH!

Natural Blue Sapphire set in Watch Face

Photo Courtesy of Luxist.com

In fact, people that wear watches look at them on an average of 12 times a day.  What a wonderful vehicle to display one of their favorite natural untreated Sapphires.  They can either be mounted on the face of the watch or on the band.  Imagine, you can pick out any shape, and any color, and the size does not have to be that large.

Here are some examples to choose from that I think would work very well plus a few more: B2918, P2217, Y2480, and U2550.

A Selection of Beautiful Natural Untreated Sapphires

A Selection of Beautiful Natural Untreated Sapphires

Imagine how much fun it would be to add a little bling to your watch and how easy it would be to do it.

The design team here at The Natural Sapphire Company would be happy to consult with you to select the appropriate placement of one of our beautiful Sapphires on your watch.Which gives the watch a unique and a gorgeous look.