What is a Tennis Bracelet?

It was at the 1987 U.S. Open that women’s champion Chris Evert made her mark on the history of jewelry.  Before that fateful day, the diamond bracelet Chris Evert was wearing was known as an In Line bracelet with diamonds or colored gemstones set in a single line. When during a match Chris Evert’s bracelet clasp came undone sending her diamond bracelet flying; Evert made history by calling for a time out so that she could search the court. Since that day, the in line bracelet was known as a tennis bracelet.

Blue Sapphire Bracelet Image

In the old days, and we’ll call the old days anything before 1990, the proper attire for a tennis court was all white clothing, including accessories such as Chris Evert’s diamond tennis bracelet. But alas, times have changed and whether you’re on the tennis court or in a business meeting a colorful sapphire tennis bracelet is now not only acceptable, but encouraged…or at least we encourage it! When you think of all the possibilities for sapphire’s color and variations in tone and saturation; the thought of a plain old diamond tennis bracelet becomes one of boredom. When you choose to purchase a sapphire tennis bracelet, the excitement has only just begun.

Pink Sapphire Bracelet

The sapphire tennis bracelet fits in with the stackable rings that are ever so popular today. More than one can be worn at a time, and with the range of sapphire colors you can create a different look every day. Combine your sapphire tennis bracelet with gold or silver bangles for a mixed look of colored gemstones and spiraling metals, or wear a tennis bracelet on each wrist as a statement of elegant simplicity. Growing in popularity are the rainbow sapphire tennis bracelets that mix the varying color sand tonal ranges of both heated and natural untreated sapphires. For a Valentine’s Day gift, consider a ruby tennis bracelet, or one with vivid pink sapphires and diamonds.

Ruby Bracelet

As you can see, we have a large selection of ruby and sapphire tennis bracelets, as well as some larger sapphire bracelets in case the statement you’re trying to make isn’t so simple.  Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call and speak to one of our Graduate Gemologist Salespeople who will be happy to assist you in the custom design of your very own sapphire tennis bracelet.